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How can we help you?

With experience gained with hotels across the world, we can give you positive advice on how you can fulfil your business aspirations.

Focused tax solutions

PKF Botswana can provide a dedicated team to give you continuous support and create imaginative solutions to all of your taxation needs, whether it be to limit your liabilities or to improve your business flexibility. With corporation tax, indirect tax and employment tax services a speciality we can help you make major savings.

Financial control and compliance

PKF Botswana has a particular understanding of the of the hotels sector and we have structured our auditing and accountancy services around three key benefits: an independent overview of the decision making that can impact on the fortunes of your company, assurance that your financial statements comply with financial regulations, and regular reporting on the status of your company’s financial control measures.
Our audit methods follow a riskbased approach supported by an integrated computer platform that lets us identify key issues and then concentrate on delivering an efficient and high-quality service. From the start, we seek to learn about how your business operates, and how you run it. In that way we are able to quickly identify critical issues, advise on making incisive diagnoses and taking appropriate corrective action

Helping you to grow

If you plan to expand, our experienced corporate finance partners can help you in your search for appropriate acquisitions, guide you through MBOs or MBIs, navigate your way through the complexities of raising finance at the right price and even the prospect of going public.

Protecting your interests

B&Bs to large hotel chains can all be prey to cash flow problems and erratic profit performance. If you find yourself facing financial difficulties or even the prospect of business failure, our restructuring services can help. Being caught up in disputes and financial investigations are a frequent risk. Our hotel forensic experts can be there to advise on appropriate courses of action as well as appear as an expert witness should you need them. Whether it is offering an impartial and in-depth business assessment or practical proposals on recovery strategies, PKF Botswana is expertly qualified to be there for you if times get tough.

Why do you need us?

As a leader in the hotel world for accountancy and business advice, PKF has been helping hotels both at home and abroad to succeed for more than 90 years. We are well placed to help you and your business to grow and prosper.

In an industry that is vulnerable to fluctuations in economic fortune as well as international turmoil, our hotel experts can give you vital advice on how to improve your competitive edge and increase your profile in the marketplace. With offices throughout the world we can offer valuable support and deliver local insight and expertise – wherever your business is situated. The consultants in our hotels team possess an outstanding mix of expertise and know-how within the hotels sector. The hotels business is a people business and our people are the experts in their field. At PKF we pride ourselves on being able to provide both a personal and professional service. Whether you are looking to expand your existing business, open a new boutique hotel from scratch or simply need some accountancy or business advice, we can help.

Our services include:

  • Brand development and positioning
  • Business and strategic planning
  • Hotel benchmarking
  • Market study and analysis
  • Operational reviews
  • Business process review
  • Competitor reviews
  • Business valuation and acquisition
  • Market appraisal
  • Tax services
  • Assurance and accounting services
  • Funding solutions