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How can we help you?

Assurance services are at the heart of what PKF Botswana does. As a leading global service provider, we ensure that all your assurance needs are met.


Our risk-based methodology supported by powerful data analysis and technology ensures that PKF Botswana provides assurance over your results and assist you with meeting regulatory requirements in a fast, effective manner.

Public sector
PKF Botswana sector experts bring valuable insights and knowledge to help you navigate the unique challenges present in public sector entities and allow for the provision of efficient, streamlined services.

Modern internal auditing helps an organisation to bring a systematic and disciplined approach to improving the effectiveness of control and governance processes. Our internal audit professionals can provide internal audit resources on either a co-sourced or out-sourced basis.

Information Technology
PKF Botswana provides tailored IT risk assurance solutions to entities of all sizes, helping them identify risks and areas that need to be improved, streamlined and secured.

Other Assurance Services

PKF Botswana has the expertise necessary to deliver responsive services providing stakeholders with required levels of assurance over your results.

PKF Botswana provides assistance with the preparation and presentation of your financial information in compliance with complex financial requirements.

Service Organisation Reports
Our team of experts can deliver an independent examination report depending on the specific needs of the service organisation.

Why do you need us?

In today’s fast paced environment, decision makers need timely, reliable information from a trusted advisor. You need to have faith in your systems, controls and financial records and you need to be able to instill that same confidence in your shareholders, investors and customers. PKF Botswana has the necessary resources, experience and in-depth local knowledge to effectively deal with all your assurance needs in any country. What makes PKF Botswana different…

A Fresh Approach
At PKF Botswana we like to keep things clear and concise and our people all share the same values, combining years of experience with straightforward, no-nonsense communication. The combination of our responsive, risk based assurance methodology using the latest technology with our no-nonsense communication style ensures that you and your stakeholders will get results you can understand and trust.

People, Passion, Performance
We are passionate about assisting our clients with their service needs and offer a complete, efficient ‘one stop shop’ service. The PKF way is to connect your decision makers to ours, getting the right people in the right seats. Our commitment is to provide you with significant levels of partner and director input while building lasting relationships with you and your company.

Global Reach, Local Knowledge
The PKF family spans the globe with member firms operating in over 150 countries. Each office has a wealth of experience with local laws and regulations. This coupled with the collaborative nature of the network means that wherever your service needs are, we can take care of them - PKF, one global network, seamless global solutions.

Right For You
PKF Botswana works with many different types of organisations around the world. PKF clients range from small owner-managed businesses, partnerships and charities to listed companies, multinationals and government bodies so, whatever your size, PKF Botswana has the right expertise for you.